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By machete757 on June 28, 2019
Hey TJ

Theres so much jiu jitsu and striking resources out there, but there is hardly anything on Wrestling for MMA. Coming from Australia, wrestling is so limited. Your drills are extremely useful and have taught me so much. So personally I would love more Wrestling content so we could learn even more drills and techniques to dominate just like you

Much love TJ and good luck for your comeback!
By wangyizhende on June 7, 2019
Hello my idol,i want to have physical certificate and free t-shirt,My body is very similar to you, I don't know what the American size is. I hope to learn more of your unique combat skills.
Name: Chongyu Wang
Street:Brandshofer Deich 27
By 530nickminton on April 1, 2019
I got so many more tools and just me passing pointers to the boys I see improvements already with them as well great system from a great group of dudes🙌🏻
By puiwing167 on March 22, 2019
The Boxing Flow Drills is designed so great that I can practice the technique as well as burn fat.

And there is a super high percentage double leg takedown cover in the wrestling part. It let me set up the takedown or feint takedown to striking more easily.

So much thanks to TJ!!!
Hope you can get back soon in UFC and recap the Champions back again!
By rwybro7 on March 22, 2019
Thank you TJ for sharing your training secrets with us ! I signed up for your Fit to Fight Course on Day One because I knew it would be excellent and you did not disappoint. You provide the roadmap, clear instructions, awesome demonstrations and inspiration. Your program is exactly what I needed to jump start my training and take it to the next level. Thank You Champ !
By chadfarmer98 on March 22, 2019
ive added alot of the warm ups and drills into my daily training i already have going on and it makes a huge difference. really appreciate all the work you put into this champ.
By sharif_marhoumy on March 21, 2019
I was a weak ass bitch before this program. Now I’m a fucking animal. If it wasn’t for your guidance I wouldn’t be getting this much ass on a regular basis. I love you and I want those gloves.
By grossi2018 on March 21, 2019
This is a great program, I have done many different kinds of martial arts since I was 7 and I love learning new things. This program has great information on mma and has helped me learn new technics.
By sampsonak on March 21, 2019
The clear and concise instruction coming from TJ is exactly what I was looking for in an online training program. I love the different angles he gives of the stances and moves, it really allows me to understand what he is trying to convey to a high degree. I pair the training with my normal weightlifting workouts and I easily spend 3 hours in the gym and never get bored.
By jameswasutherland on March 21, 2019
Before I got your program I felt like I never quite understood what I needed to focus on to get better as there was so much conflicting information out there. However while going through the program I noticed my form improve, I feel stronger from using your exercises and after implementing your recovery section my body feels better than ever! You've been an amazing help, thanks TJ!

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