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By Rickgmikkelsen on March 19, 2019
This is an great program, for all levels!

I feel and can see that ive gotten better after the program.

Keep up the good work Champ!
By Lenzo Dillashaw on March 19, 2019
I just have to say learning new boxing drills, boxing exercises and learning to throw a proper jab, hook and cross has been a lot easier thanks to your program.
I knew nothing about martial arts before I started this course.
Now I have more knowledge and Experience than before.
I am feeling refreshed and Amazing.
You have been awesome and helpful.

Thank you TJ

By pesotskiy92 on March 19, 2019
When i started to discover muay thai world, i was just not enought of that traditional technics. Than my coach said to me that there is a great UFC champ TJ and i should to have a look to his fights! Ot was a shock for me..thats was what i'm looking for. His tactics, his style and technics.
And when i saw this Course, it becomes a breath of fresh air
By justin.faiferlick on March 19, 2019
Prior to this program. We didnt have a well defined path for MMA training. This course has resolved it and made us more efficient. Thank you.
By robear897 on March 14, 2019
Very knowledgable with step by step instructions for both beginners and experts in all areas of MMA and to get in shape. Could not be happier with this product. Looking forward to more! Thanks and keep up the work champ!!
By JJFink on March 14, 2019
so much detail, love and passion!
The Fighting game is evolving, so did i through the fit to fight Course. straight awesome.
Ty so much TJ
By Chris Ha on March 14, 2019
I love how much work TJ put into this program. Not only he shows you the application of each exercise and technique, but also why we do them. Along with some technical details of each step. Really a great deal for people wanting to do into MMA.
By Josh Mack on March 8, 2019
TJ will go down as a legend in history! Not because of his accomplishments, but because his willingness to give back and inspire people to become better version of themselves. The course material is very thorough and detailed. If applied it will take your fitness and confidence in your abilities to a new level. Get after it ninjas.
By luiscaetano1016 on February 10, 2019
Tj, i wil make you a promise right now.
I’m from Brasil, and in 4 years i will be in the UFC. Thank you, and thanks to all of your staff.

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