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By taylormichaelcollard on January 14, 2019
TJ is in the elite in what he does in MMA, this can sometimes be very hard to teach! As a coach myself i can recognise what TJ has achieved here.

TJ has managed to break down the complex world of MMA techniques into easy to follow and engaging videos that give us a chance to experience what a champion does every single day.

It has made a real difference for me in life and training! Thanks TJ!!
By bradleydougramsey on January 14, 2019
After completing the course, I am happy to announce that it was extremely beneficial to anyone who wants to learn or add to there martial arts journey. I hope there will be more advanced ninja combos and wrestling drills to come as well. 10/10 for sure
By ax.elvanhalewyck on January 14, 2019
Awesome program, awesome teacher!
By Jas Johal on January 14, 2019
Huge props to TJ for putting together this course for aspiring fighters. The lessons are done in a way that makes it accessible for beginners, pros and all levels in between. I’ve already seen improvements in my striking and ground game but I’m looking forward to using the drills to take my fitness to the next level. This is a must buy for anyone interested in learning MMA or looking to get fit.
By ee_paint on January 13, 2019
Man I can’t get enough of this ninja training. Tj basically breaks down so many techniques that can either be incorporated into a workout or just drilling technique as well. Learning from the champ himself is a great opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up. Thank u sir
By gavinueland on January 13, 2019
I found the course to be highly informative and very beneficial. Regardless of age or level, this course has various techniques/tips/insight to offer that each individual should implement within their training regimen. Having these tools provided by TJ and his great team foster confidence to the viewers and assure us that this is credible information in an invaluable course. Highly recommend!!
By chef_j89 on January 13, 2019
TJ has definitely refueled my desire for wrestling and MMA again. The workouts are great just like a fight camp leaving me excited to come back the next day to train again. From stretches to the drills, you feel all your muscles getting worked. It's perfect for any skill level!

I've been a fan since he left CSUF and beyond stoked I get to use the same training methods as him.
By tannerperry974 on January 13, 2019
I started MMA 2 years ago and wrestled before that for around 10 years. This course has really enhanced my drilling time and knowledge overall. Fantastic resource to program great habits and improve your game overall
By theanmaraj on January 13, 2019
The fundamentals taught here are excellent, even with regard to the emails sent about mindset, etc. What I really liked more than that was the innovation. Stance switches mid-combination, footwork to always stay moving, and strike patterns you've never seen before.

Excellent course that always keeps you challenged no matter your skill level. 10/10 would recommend.
By tabarigrubbs3 on January 13, 2019
I would first off like to say thank you so much for this opportunity. I’m a huge mma fan and athlete. God has truly blessed you with the gift to inspire others like myself. I look up you, being mma fighter myself I’m always looking to challenge myself. With this program it has, I’m only half way through and I’ve seen a tremendous increase in my footwork and movement. Best program Ive been apart of

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