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How to: The Forward Tyson Drill

Ready to learn one of the most intimidating, confusing (for your opponent!), valuable moves in the industry, courtesy of a legend?Move with me as we break down the Tyson Forward Drill.


The Tyson Drill: The Lowdown

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The forward Tyson drill is ahead movement courtesy of Mike Tyson, where he perfected it due to usually facing taller opponents. However, this movement should be perfected by everyone, since head movement is such a vital skill when confusing and evading opponents.

The goal of the Tyson drill is to enhance unpredictability in movement, so your opponent has a hard time figuring out where you’re going to throw from. The bobbing head movement creates extra movement that takes longer for an opponent to process, which can also give you an extra second opening to strike.

This isn’t only used for facing taller opponents though. Movement is key & if you’re looking to be a well-rounded fighter this should be one of your main drills. 



The Forward Tyson Drill: Video Breakdown and Instructions

Forward Tyson Drill Instructions:


Step 1:

When you’re perfecting the Tyson Drill, focus on starting with your leading stance or your preferred hand (right-handed or Southpaw) just to get the movement pattern down – you can switch stances once you get into a comfortable rhythm with your leading leg.

Step 2:

 Drop into the standard stance, staggering your feet shoulder-width apart, hands up by your face with your elbows in, and chin tucked.

Step 3:

Once you’re set-up, always keep in mind that the direction you step in is going to be the direction you slip your head toward. So, if your left leg is forward and you step forward, you want to bob over that left leading leg. Be sure to NOT let your hands fall away from your head when you bob: you always want your hands to move with you.

Step 4:

Be sure to always keep your chest over your knee when you slip your head over since going too far can set you off balance.

Step 5:

Now, you’ll notice as you slip forward over your left leg, you’ll need to bring your right leg in. Focus on bringing it into where your left foot was before you stepped forward so you don’t step too far in, or not far enough.

Step 6:

As you bring in your right leg, you’ll want to slip your head AND hands to the right, leaning over toward your right leg.

Step 7:

From here, the movement should be performed with every step equaling ahead follow. Step, head slip; step, head slip, and so on. As you get more comfortable with the movement, work on perfecting it on your non-leading leg, and then finally start adding speed.

Footwork: Make sure you’re stepping on the balls of your feet rather than the heel when you step forward.




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