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Fit & Fight Ready Course

My Fit & Fight Ready course was designed with you in mind. Whether you’re a champion or a beginner, my methods will help you learn martial arts while getting in shape fast. You will learn technique while molding your physique as well as methods I use that help me stay ready for ANY physical and/or mental battle.

It sucks being out of shape. It sucks being weak. It sucks being defenseless when you need to protect yourself or your family. It sucks being outperformed because you don’t know the secrets to have a competitive advantage in and out of the octagon.

Learn actual life skills and valuable martial arts techniques. Get started on your fitness and martial arts journey or continue your upper-level mastery. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard.

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This Fit & Fight Ready Course was designed for you to complete lessons 1-7 before starting the 4-week workout program. In the course, you will learn Tj’s top MMA specific drills and techniques specific to Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Striking, Footwork, Wrestling, Strength & Conditioning, and much much more! Also included are Tj’s top exercises that best compliment his MMA specific drills and techniques. Once you complete the course you then apply what you’ve learned to the 4-Week Fit & Fight Ready Workout Program included. The 4-week program is made up of drills and exercises that were taught by Tj to you in the course. Also, you’ll also get the chance to learn how Tj programs his own daily workouts, let’s begin!

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Posted 3 years ago
Great course!

I've been training in MMA for over 5 years now and TJ has improved my technique so much. My sparing partners have noticed and even asked me how I've improved so much. This course will make you a better fighter mentally and physically, I highly recommend it!

Posted 3 years ago
Good stuff

Lots of good information. Thanks champ and can’t wait to see you back in the octagon!

Posted 3 years ago

Being totally captivated by the world of MMA and have been trying to get more involved in the sport. When I saw TJ was bringing out his course it was a must buy, though I've always been skeptical about online courses and how effective they are, I haven't regretted it one bit. The course is so comprehensive, covering every aspect of MMA. best decision I've made, Thank you TJ!

Posted 3 years ago


Posted 3 years ago
Really good courses

This fit to fight course is really good. I learn these techniques from France. I really recommend this program

Kai Trethewey
Posted 3 years ago
A valuable resource

The course is very well put together and breaks down the techniques and exercises in exemplary fashion. I believe that this course will be a lasting resource for me going into the future

Posted 3 years ago
Wrestling for MMA is priceless

Hey TJ Theres so much jiu jitsu and striking resources out there, but there is hardly anything on Wrestling for MMA. Coming from Australia, wrestling is so limited. Your drills are extremely useful and have taught me so much. So personally I would love more Wrestling content so we could learn even more drills and techniques to dominate just like you Much love TJ and good luck for your comeback!

Posted 3 years ago
Oh,yeah,I have completed my Fit to Fight Course

Hello my idol,i want to have physical certificate and free t-shirt,My body is very similar to you, I don't know what the American size is. I hope to learn more of your unique combat skills. Name: Chongyu Wang Street:Brandshofer Deich 27 Postcode:20539 City:Hamburg country:germany

Posted 3 years ago

I got so many more tools and just me passing pointers to the boys I see improvements already with them as well great system from a great group of dudes🙌🏻

Posted 4 years ago
Great Techie! Great Coach!

The Boxing Flow Drills is designed so great that I can practice the technique as well as burn fat. And there is a super high percentage double leg takedown cover in the wrestling part. It let me set up the takedown or feint takedown to striking more easily. So much thanks to TJ!!! Hope you can get back soon in UFC and recap the Champions back again!

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