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How to Master Leg Strikes

While it can be said that leg strikes are one of the most “basic” strikes, they are foundational strikes for a reason: they’re effective. Mastering leg strikes can also give…

When Is The Best Time To Eat Carbs?

I’ll be the first to say it: there are many, many conflicting views around carb consumption. Some common questions always arise even when doing a simple Google search, such as:…

Best Exercise For Grappling

Even amid a future of uncertainty, there’s a bright side to this time at home: we now have extra time to really hone in on certain skills we’ve been putting…

How to: The Forward Tyson Drill

Ready to learn one of the most intimidating, confusing (for your opponent!), valuable moves in the industry, courtesy of a legend?Move with me as we break down the Tyson Forward…

How to Throw a Cross Like a Pro

The cross. It strikes, it bites, and (hopefully) it gets you some knockouts. Below I’m going to break down how to throw one like a pro, illustrated in the video…

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